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Made of barley, malt and hops – Beer is a favorite among Sri Lankans. The tropical sunny weather and impeccably beautiful beaches is a paradise for beer lovers! While it is difficult to find a few varieties of beer such as IPA (Indian Pale Ale), Ale, Pilsner in Sri Lanka, the country is home to some fantastic lager and stout (made by Lion Brewery and Heineken Lanka) while other varieties are imported.

Some of Ceylon Spirits’ best-selling local beer include Lion Beer and Tiger Beer. Our selection of imported beers includes Heineken beer, Carlsberg beer, Corona beer, and Singha beer. 


The word lager in German means ‘warehouse or storeroom’. Brewed using a cool fermentation process and subsequent maturation in cold storage. Lager beer is the most consumed beer variety in the world, including Sri Lanka. Some of our bestselling lagers include Lion Lager, Heineken, Tiger Original including Tiger Black, Carlsberg including the Carlsberg Special Brew.


Stout beer also sometimes refer to as Porter is made with dark roasted barley malt and typically less hops making it dark in color in comparison to other beers. The most popular stout in Sri Lanka is Lion Stout.


First brewed more than five centuries ago in Bavaria (Present day Germany), weissbier (also called wheat beer or white beer) is made with at least 50% malted wheat and high-quality yeast. Imported to Sri Lanka, the top selling weissbier on our website is the Benediktiner Weissbier.

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Interesting Fact about Beers since you’ve read through so long – Evidence of beer making can be traced back to 3500 BC.

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