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The original “Ceylon Spirits” – Arrack and Toddy first appeared in written historical records by renowned traveller Fa Hein in the 5th Century. However, the process of tapping for toddy and distilling arrack is known to be around from time immemorial.  While often mistaken to be the same as arak or araq or its Indonesian counterpart Batavia Arrack, the Sri Lankan arrack or Ceylon arrack is a unique spirit with a league of its own. 


Premium Sri Lankan Arrack such as Ceylon Arrack, Rockland Arrack, DCSL Double Distilled Arrack, IDL Old Reserve Arrack and Mendis Coconut Arrack typically are made from just two ingredients – the sap from the coconut flower and water. 

To collect the coconut flower sap, the coconut flower is beaten for three days. The toddy rapper climbs the tree and ties a container to collect the sap. Then the sap is drained through a small cut made on the flower. The fermentation begins naturally because of the yeast and sugar present in the sap. It is then distilled to desired alcohol levels.


Although the premium version of Arrack is pure coconut arrack, there are great blended versions of the spirits like Periceyl Black Opal and IDL Blue Sapphire. Typically, blended arrack means that coconut arrack is mixed with other neutral spirits.


The cheapest variant amongst the arrack made in Sri Lanka is the Arrak. Spelt without the ‘c’ in arrack, the Arrak is made from 100% neutral spirits and no coconut spirits.

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