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Tequila can only be originated from a delimited region of Mexico. The spirit is made of the cooked and fermented juice of Agave, a succulent plant found mostly in the country. Traditionally, the plant takes 5 to 12 years to mature but technology has found a way to speed up the process. 


This is the most common type of tequila. As this variety of tequila is not oak aged it gives the consumer an unadulterated flavor of the agave plant. They are typically clear in color.


Gold tequila is made exactly like silver tequila with one exception, it is mixed with either caramel or coloring to give the golden hue. Sometimes, the gold tequila gets its color from the barrels they aged at.


The reposado tequila must be matured in oak for a period of two months to a year. The aging of the spirit takes off the strong flavor of agave and softens the taste.


Tequila aged anywhere between one to three years falls is known as Anejo Tequila. This has less flavor of agave and more of vanilla and floral aromas. Any tequila aged for more than three years is known as Extra Anejo Tequila.

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