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Gin must always have a predominant flavor of Juniper, otherwise it cannot be classified as Gin. Gin is made from a base of wheat or barley, which then goes though fermentation and distillation. Juniper berries are added with water until desired alcohol and flavor levels are met. Being a Dutch creation for medicinal purposes, it is enjoyed across the world today.


Also called as Schiedam Gin, this is the original style of gin made from malted grain mash and aged in oak casks between one to three years.


The widely produced and most popular variety of gin is the London Dry Gin and is considered the benchmark to define a gin. With more prominent taste of Juniper and with a very dry flavor, it is famous for making classic cocktails like Gin and Tonic.

The Tanqueray Gin, Gordons Gin, and Bombay Sapphire Gin have perfected the flavors of London Dry Gin. The Colombo No 7 Gin (also called as Colombo Gin) has a unique take on London Dry Gin!


Distilled in a similar fashion to London Dry Gin, the distilled gin varies as natural or artificial flavors can be added post distillation. Hendrick’s Gin is a great distilled gin.


The modern-day gin introduced in the early 21st century downplays the juniper so much that they taste very differently to the standard gin. With the heavy pine taste removed from its flavor, this variety appeals to consumers who typically do not favor gin. 


Traditionally the Plymouth Gin was distilled only in the Plymouth region of England. However, as of recent times, this restriction has been removed. It differs from the standard gin with an earthier flavor as there are more roots mixed in the flavoring of the gin. 

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