Liqueur & Bitters

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  • Amarula Cream
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  • Antica Sambuca
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  • Aperol
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  • BV Land Peach Schnapps
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  • Cointreau
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  • Drambuie
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  • Luxardo Limoncello
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  • Malibu
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  • Luxardo Maraschino
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  • Pimms No 1
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  • Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Travelers Set
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  • Volare Blue Curacao
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A liqueur (also called Schnapps or cordials) is a combination of distilled spirits and additional flavorings such as herbs, fruits, spices. Initially made as herbal medicines in Italian monasteries, today liqueurs are made all around the world and enjoyed in cocktails or neat. There are a variety of liqueurs available in the market and some of the most popular liqueur varieties are coffee liqueur, chocolate liqueur, cream liqueur, fruit liqueur, and herbal liqueur. 

Best-selling liqueurs in Sri Lanka include Orange Duck Triple Sec (fruit liqueur infused with orange), Jägermeister (pronounced as yager or just jager and best known for making jager bombs/ yager bombs – a herbal liqueur with 56 herbs), Campari (infused with aromatic and bitter herbs, fruits, and plants) and definitely, Bailey’s Irish Cream.

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