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Also known as fortified wines, dessert wines are made with extra alcohol for preservation. This additional alcohol also gives a distinct taste. Some to the best varietals of dessert wines are Sherry, Port, Tonic Wine/ Vermouth.


Port wine is a dessert wine/ fortified wine made with grapes exclusively from the Duoro Valley of Portugal. Served as a dessert wine, it is typically sweet red wine. 


Made from white grapes using the grape variety of Palomino, this Dessert wine / Fortified wine can only be made in the Sherry Triangle, and area between three towns of Spain. On fermentation, Sherry is fortified using grape brandy and is produced from dry to light versions.


Flavoured with botanicals such as herbal ingredients and spices, the vermouth was initially marketed as wine with medicinal properties. However, today it is used as a great base for cocktails given its flexibility as a sweet vermouth or dry vermouth. The James Bond cocktail Vodka Martini (shaken not stirred) uses the Martini Rosso vermouth in its making.

We really appreciate that you take the effort to read all of this! Here’s another fact for you! The antioxidants in one glass of wine is equal to the antioxidants in 20 glasses of apple juice or 7 glasses of orange juice. Looks like it’s another excuse to drink a glass of wine.

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