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“Why is the rum gone?” frantically said Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Well the rum (sometimes called rhum or ron) is safely with us waiting for you. Made from fermenting and distilling sugarcane, rum is typically aged in oak barrels. The spirit has quite a rife history – it was used as a currency in 1790 (Imagine a world where we got paid in rum!!!) and also managed to cause an insurgence in Australia – the Rum Rebellion. Rum has various grades based on where and how the rum was produced – The most popular rum varieties are as follows: Dark Rum, White Rum, Flavoured Rum, and Spiced Rum.


Also called as black rum or brown rum or red rum or dark red rum, the dark rum is aged for longer in barrels that are charred giving strong flavours compared to the other lighter rum counterparts. Dark rum is best had neat or with ice.


Referred to as light rum or silver rum, the white rum has little flavour other than the mild sweetness which is derived from the sugarcane. The spirit is sometimes filtered post ageing to maintain the pristine white colour. The white rum such as Bacardi or Rockland White Rum is great for cocktails!


Rum infused with tropical fruits such as coconut, mango, banana, lime, star fruit, or orange fall into this categorization as flavoured rum. Typically used in crafting fruity cocktails, the spirit can be drunk neat or with ice to enjoy the flavours! 


With added spices (sometimes caramel), spiced rum is created. Spices used to enhance the flavour include rosemary, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, cloves. The Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum us a great cocktail base.

Here’s another fact to reward you for reading so far! Rum was the first spirit created for entertainment. Most spirits were created for medicinal purposes, whereas rum was distilled for the sole purpose of enjoying a drink!!

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